Our Credo

The success of our activity together depends to a great extent on the way each of us acts and communicates while working on this exciting project that is YOUR image.

This is the reason why I am sharing the principles I always keep in mind and the commitments I make with you as my client:

   1.  Commitment: I am committed to your success.

   2.  Mutual trust: I tell the truth and I expect honesty and transparency in every interaction we have, be it online or in-person.


   3.  Integrity: I act with integrity and I respect you as the unique person you are and I expect you to do the same.


   4.  Mutual respect: I am punctual and I respect your time, space and intimacy and I expect you to do the same.


   5.  Confidentiality: All of our interactions and transactions are confidential.


   6.  Shared vision: I help you turn your vision of yourself into reality, considering your budget and other personal conditions openly expressed by you when we start working together.


   7.  Authenticity: I help you to find the best way to express your personality and tell your own story by means of your appearance and for this I need you to share your personal story with me.


   8.  Reciprocity: I offer you professional advice and services that meet your needs and I expect you to offer me gratitude when our work together is over.

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