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Polka Dots: Clothes and Accessories for Less Than 30 Euros

The latest fashion trends are lively and refreshing. Not only floral prints, but also polka dots can help you express your gentleness and playfulness this spring. They recall the elegance of the refined and romantic ladies of the '50's, like Audrey Hepburn, who had the courage to daydream and to express their femininity in simple ways.

This post is all about this pattern. I found various items worthy to be included in your spring outfits, which I divided into three price categories, up to a maximum of 30 euros. 

Bonus: advice on how to style them and suggestions related to the silhouettes they suit best. 

  1. Clothes and accessories for less than 10 euros

  2. Clothes and accessories with prices from 10 to 20 euros

  3. Clothes and accessories with prices from 20 to 30 euros

1. Clothes and accessories for less than 10 euros

A pair of feminine polka dot tights can spice up even a professional or an otherwise dull outfit. Wear them and flatter your legs in an elegant way.

You could use a pretty hairband with an ornamental knot to soften a stronger, more angular face such as a square-, rectangle- or trapeze-shaped one.

A polka dot scarf matching the colour of your eyes will make them pop.

You can easily pair a polka dot top in a soft fabric with a cardigan, a blazer, a bomber jacket or a bolero, especially in case you have a circle, rectangle or triangle body type.

2. Clothes and accessories with prices from 10 to 20 euros

A black and white polka dot tote is so versatile that you could wear it all day long, both at work and when you go out. Choose a tote bag if you have a circle or an hourglass silhouette.

A polka dot jumpsuit with a plunging neckline will flatter the curves of an hourglass silhouette, while emphasizing the waist.

The boat neckline of the polka dot blouse is a good match for a heart-shaped face. The same blouse could also help you in balancing a silhouette with hips larger than the bust.

The soft pleats of a dress with polka dots on a black background can gracefully caress a curvy body. Its shape, pattern and V neckline make it perfect for a woman with a big bust, a less defined waist and slender legs.

Considering its cut, but also its pattern with elliptical shapes, a wrap dress with slightly bigger polka dots could create movement and the illusion of a more defined waist in the case of a rectangle silhouette, with few curved lines.

An umbrella is usually seen as a functional accessory and seldom used as one that adds interest to your overall look. If you choose a transparent umbrella decorated with colourful polka dots, there will be significantly more chances for you to smile even on a rainy day.

If you have a circle silhouette, you can show off your slender legs by wearing polka dot Capri pants for a contemporary and feminine look.

3. Clothes and accessories with prices from 20 to 30 euros

A wrap skirt with medium-sized polka dots is perfect for the circle body type. But you can also pair it with a solid-colour top or T-shirt if you have a rectangle or inverted triangle silhouette.

A polka dot dress with a tulip cut flatters a rectangle silhouette more than any other body type.

A black waist bag with micro polka dots could be the finishing touch to a modern sporty look for a carefree afternoon. It’s practical and trendy and it could successfully replace your usual bag for total freedom of movement.

Blazers are among the most sought-after jackets in spring. Wear a polka dot blazer if you are looking to brighten up your look and to add a touch of femininity to a professional outfit. Mixed with a solid-colour top, you can use it both in hyper-feminine and sporty-chic outfits.

Do you wear polka dots? What’s your favourite item among the ones suggested in this post? Share your thoughts in the comments!

I invite you to contact me in case you want to revamp your style or if you are simply looking for clothes and accessories that flatter your silhouette.

This page contains affiliate links. That means that, in case you purchase a product after clicking one of the links on this page, I may receive a commission, at no extra cost for you. Thank you!

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