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Transitional Wardrobe Capsule With a Modern Twist

Staying true to your personal style is great. It helps you to save time and money and to maintain a high level of self-confidence. Even a wide enough selection of clothes flattering most body types, in all-season fabrics, that can be easily coordinated and styled in different ways is absolutely fine, since it can effortlessly take you from romantic dinners to casual gatherings with friends and to the office. However, some days feel just perfect for a change. And such days don’t need to end up like one-time caprices that cost you a fortune. 

One of the secrets to a workable timeless yet modern and stylish wardrobe consists in building the bulk of it around classic and basic items, to which you can easily add one or two fashionable garments or accessories that reflect the trends of the season.  

For example, adding a black and soft peach pink floral print blouse to a wardrobe capsule of classic and basic garments in neutral colours, you can create trendy outfits that communicate completely different moods and that can be worn in many situations and occasions.   

Here are four complete outfits, including a romantic bourgeois look, a business outfit, a day-to-night bold look and a sporty outfit for a (girls’) night out, all sharing the same blouse:  

I used different accessories in the outfits for added interest but even if you downsized the same wardrobe capsule to 13 items, it would still work: 

How would you mix and coordinate the garments in this wardrobe capsule? Comment below! 

I invite you to share this post and see how your friends would style them.

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