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We don't look at ourselves (and at each other) enough

In a world that is always on the move, where every person we know expects something from us, where confusion and the perception of danger are ever-increasing and where everyone has something to say but no one takes the time to listen, finding a moment of silence to stop and cultivate our awareness seems to be a luxury that fewer and fewer people allow themselves.

And yet sadder still is the fact that, in all the rush, fewer and fewer people acknowledge the importance of such a moment. We are told every day that we have to do more, have more, and run more, but nobody remembers why we are doing it anymore or at least why we have started doing it. Why do you get out of bed every morning? No, in this case, the answer "to go to work" does not apply. The answer you have to look for within yourself relates to why you are going to work every day. What do you want to achieve? What will make you stop and start enjoying this life? And I don't think that one million dollars can convince you to quit because we know that then you will end up wanting two and so on. What do you really want?

Why have we stopped looking inside ourselves? Why have we forgotten our values? Why have we forgotten to look in the mirror and be true to ourselves? And why have we stopped looking each other in the face and smiling at each other when we meet?

I don't know why we have stopped doing all these things, but I do know that we don't look at ourselves enough.

Because if we looked at ourselves enough, we would know what we look like, we would be familiar with our bodies and our ideals, our behaviour would be more consistent and we would be more determined to achieve our goals. If we looked at ourselves enough, we would be happier, we would accept and love our bodies and we would not be ashamed to be ourselves, we would be less afraid and we would believe more in ourselves and in our dreams, we would not be discouraged by the first obstacle and we would continue to believe that every contribution we make, no matter how small, can make the world a better place.

And if we looked at each other enough when our steps cross, we would get to know each other better, trust each other more and love each other more. If we looked at each other enough, we would understand that each of us has our own fears and that we are here to support and encourage each other to overcome them because together we can do better.

Only people who are at peace with themselves, who love themselves and accept themselves as they are, can show patience, love and respect towards others. And that is exactly the kind of people the world needs, especially at this time. This is why I invite you to leave your ego aside and start cultivating awareness, self-love and self-acceptance.

To do this by starting with your own style, I invite you to take a look at the Personal Style Guide, which will accompany you in the process of reconciling your lifestyle with your personality, your silhouette and other factors that influence your personal image.

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