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Maternity Style

Maternity Style

€ 268,00Prezzo

Maternity Style is a style and transformation coaching program designed to support future moms during their pregnancy so that they can experience self-love and joy while expressing their femininity and easily managing their personal image and wardrobe during this complex period.


It includes the following services:


1. Wardrobe audit (2 hours)

Before your body starts to change, we will check what you can keep in your wardrobe during your pregnancy. Those items will represent the foundation of your maternity cluster. We will also make a shopping list comprising of new items you need to add to your wardrobe so that you can wear your existing clothes for as long as possible in every pregnancy trimester.


2. Online shopping session for the future mom (1 hour)

With your clothing and accessory shopping lists ready, we can start exploring the options available in stores. You will also have the chance to learn about important criteria to consider so that you can stay focused while shopping and avoid unnecessary expenses.​​


3. Cluster and outfit styling (2 hours)

This service will focus on your new purchases and ways to integrate them into your wardrobe and everyday outfits. We will pull together new outfits that include the clothes you’ve purchased in the previous session.


4. Online shopping session for the maternity stay and nursing (1 hour)

This session will focus on the purchases you need to make so that you can get ready for the days you are going to spend in the hospital. It will include personal care items for you and the first clothes and accessories for your baby.


ON-DEMAND Check-in sessions (not included in the initial price of the program)

Based on your own needs, we can schedule as many sessions as you want during your pregnancy period in order to assess, adjust and update your maternity wardrobe.


ON-DEMAND Post-maternity wardrobe audit and styling services (not included in the initial price of the program)

As soon as you feel ready to give up your maternity and nursing wardrobe and to transition to a personal image that is more in alignment with your new silhouette, lifestyle and values, we can schedule as many style coaching sessions as you need or we can start a new style coaching program together so that you can enjoy a real makeover.

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