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Style Upgrade

Style Upgrade

€ 336,00Prezzo

Style Upgrade is a style and transformation coaching program designed to support you during your style journey towards an enhanced personal image that is in alignment with who you are and that enables you to achieve your personal and professional goals.


It includes the following services:

1. Body shape analysis (2 hours)

We will explore your needs and the various aspects that influence your personal style during two short sessions, after which you will be able to fully understand your horizontal and vertical body shape and how to select the most flattering garments and accessories.


2. Face shape analysis (1 hour)

This consultation will help you understand your facial shape and learn how to select the most flattering hairstyles, necklines, accessories and beauty products. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to flawlessly apply makeup.​


3. Colour analysis (2 hours)

Understand your personal palette and learn how to choose the colours that harmonize or blend with your personal colouring. Discover your inherent colours and how to choose and mix colours to enhance your beauty. You will receive advice on contrast, prints, fabrics and tips on how to differentiate cool colours from warm colours. At the end of this session, you will be able to select the most flattering colours to have in your beauty case and wardrobe.


4. Style personality analysis (1 hour)

This one-hour session will help you discover your style personality and learn how to translate it into the clothing and accessories you wear, while still maintaining a personal image that is aligned with your lifestyle.