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Working Woman

Working Woman

€ 240,00Prezzo

Working Woman is a style and transformation coaching program designed to support women who want to return to work after an extended break so that they can feel confident to attend interviews and get a job that makes them feel accomplished.


It includes the following services:


1.    Research (1 hour)
This first session will focus on setting the context. We will explore the kind of job you are looking for, we will do a SWOT analysis and address practical aspects such as social media profile and resume review and online job search tools and tips.


2.    Communication strategy (2 hours)
Based on the job you are looking for and on the environment you are planning to work in, we will develop a strategy to manage your personal look and message. Grooming, manners and communication will be the main topics tackled.


3.    Getting ready for the interview (1 hour)
We will discuss your expectations regarding payment, environment, training and development and you will have the chance to practice how to answer the most frequent interview questions. We will also make a list of impressive questions to ask the interviewer. Last but not least, we will discuss post-interview actions you need to take in order to stand out. 


4.    Follow-up session (1 hour)
After the interview, you will have the chance to reflect on what went well and what went wrong and we will identify possible improvements you could make so that you can learn and grow from your mistakes and experience.

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