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The perks of a personal image in alignment with who you are:

  • increased self-confidence

  • improved communication

  • focus on what matters

  • authenticity

  • personal and professional success

The three-step process plan:

  • understand your body and mindset

  • learn how to make the most of your assets

  • practice mindful styling

My Story

I was born in Romania but I moved to Italy in 2013. I live and work in Genoa, Italy now and I also offer virtual Style Coaching™ services to Italian-, Romanian- and English-speaking clients from other countries.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, I felt that working in the Human Resources department of a large multinational corporation was the natural path to take. That and other previous people-oriented jobs gave me the chance to develop various skills, such as listening skills, that also help me in my work as a Style Coach™. They also made me realize how gratifying it was for me to help others improve their skills and, consequently, their lives.


After a number of unstimulating work experiences here in Italy, I decided it was time for me to embrace my childhood dream and to turn it into reality. The various courses I took in the past few years allowed me to have a grasp of personal style, body language, make-up and personal branding and the Style Coach™ Diploma Course gave me a sense of alignment and a fresh perspective.

the journey back to herself was the most magnificent.jpg

"Of all the roads she travelled, the journey back to herself was the most magnificent."

My Mission

As a Style Coach™, certified image consultant and make-up artist, I help people to shift their mindset so that they can make decisions that enable them to feel and look good, achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life.


Finding a balance between trends and individuality can be a challenge. This is the reason why I find the power of Style Coaching™ to transform people’s life amazing. It offers a much larger perspective than image consulting in the sense that it allows an individual to actually know themselves at a deeper level, to live more authentically and, consequently, to create a more fulfilling life for themselves with courage and confidence. It’s not just about enhancing someone’s appearance, but it triggers a major transformation that allows individuals to improve all areas of their lives.

Through the digital platform The Style Upgrade, I provide Style Coaching™ services and digital resources that help my clients to communicate more effectively and to enjoy the perks of a personal image in alignment with who they are: increased self-confidence, improved communication, focus on what matters, authenticity and personal and professional success.


During my pregnancy in 2022, I came to understand how important it was for a future mom to focus on her body and to honour her new needs while staying true to her personal style. I felt lucky to be able to cater to my own needs and I wanted to empower other women to do the same, so I created a new Style Coaching™ package. Maternity Style is a style and transformation coaching program designed to support future moms during their pregnancy so that they can experience self-love and joy while expressing their femininity and easily managing their personal image and wardrobe during such a physically and psychologically challenging period.

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