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Ready to get started but feeling overwhelmed?


How often do you dream of being able to confidently choose the most flattering clothes and makeup products from the shelves or on the online stores you visit? People like you have reached this goal with self-discipline and the right support.


V. used to feel hopeless every time he needed new shoes because he could not find beautiful men's shoes in smaller sizes until he contacted me and received some exciting suggestions where he could find beautiful high-quality shoes at reasonable prices that were easy to purchase from an online store that sells shoes made in his own country. 


C. didn't know how to style a shirt she had received as a gift and that she loved until she received some easy styling tips and outfit ideas. She confidently wears her new shirt now because she knows how to mix and match it in great outfits that flatter her silhouette and feel like her.




A lot has changed in the past few years and here is some good news:

-       fashion, personal style and image consultancy are not only for the rich and the famous anymore;

-       with social media and an increased variety of social contexts, many styles have been accepted;

-       digital tools allow high-quality materials and services to be delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner;

-       online communication helps both professionals and customers to save time and energy;

-       Internet helps us to keep in touch constantly, no matter the geographic position;

-       translation tools, knowledge and graphics help us to clearly illustrate and explain our ideas, expectations and solutions;

-       with social distancing or normal life, online tools and materials are always available;

-       the Internet allows you to reach literally anyone, including the image consultant that best meets your needs;

-       the Internet also allows you to access online style resources literally anytime.

At the same time, however...

-       the amount of information on topics like fashion and style seems infinite;

-       fashion and style tips you find online are often contradictory and confusing;


-       it is difficult for you to tell the difference between professional advice and advertising content;


-       the variety of products available on the market (online tools, apps, garments, accessories, skincare, makeup, etc.) is overwhelming.

What you should keep in mind:

-       you are the only person able to tell what you need and what makes you feel good;


-       while an expert can provide you with valuable insights, you still need to commit to your own change;


-       any kind of change has to be desired in order to be successfully implemented;

-       openness and vulnerability are part of the process;

-       you can’t tell if something works or not until you give it a try;

-       fashion and style have to be fun;

-       fashion and style do not replace each other;

-       personal image is a lifelong work in progress;

-       practice makes confident.



Stick with me, you're in good hands!

The three-step process plan to enhance your appearance



  • your body and face shape

  • your style preferences

  • your shopping approach

  • essential makeup products and techniques



  • how to select the most flattering garments and accessories

  • how to mix various lines, shapes and colors in relevant outfits

  • how to pick the beauty products that truly meet your needs

  • different makeup techniques to improve your self-makeup skills



  • declutter and effectively manage your wardrobe

  • cut down on the time you spend in front of the mirror every morning

  • devise and apply your makeup for any occasion

  • constantly update your look, without overlooking your personality and lifestyle

  • save time, money and energy in the long run

  • find the necessary courage and inspiration to add some novelty to your look every now and then

  • enjoy the advantages of an improved appearance in all aspects of your life: personal, professional and social

Myths and other concerns:

-       Focusing on your appearance is superfluous.

-       Focusing on your appearance gives you a sense of self and an opportunity to learn new things about yourself.


-       Looking for a job is more relevant than pulling together new outfits during a global pandemic.

-       Looking for a job while having a professional outfit ready for the interview is a smart move that gives you some advantage in front of the increasing competition during a pandemic.


-       Nobody cares about the way you look as long as you are single.

-       An improved personal image could increase your chances to meet someone.


-       If you don’t have a job anymore, there’s no need for you to project a professional image anymore.

-       Maintaining a professional image could help you find new opportunities or new clients for your own business.


When you focus on your appearance, you start experiencing at least five enjoyable side effects:

1. You feel more self-confident.

2. Your ideas start being listened to and you start receiving external support.

3. You stay present and focused on your tasks instead of worrying about your appearance or feeling uncomfortable.


4. You look good, feel good and are more authentic.

5. You communicate better and manage to achieve your goals while building better relationships along the way.


Now that we are on the same page, have a look at the materials

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C., Consultant

The collage gave me the visual idea of what you were recommending. Super job!

M., Instructor

I love this - perfection! The slacks you recommended really elongate legs. I also like that you added advice about hair and makeup.

K., Blogger

I love everything in the collage. So feminine and pretty and such a great color theme for summer!

S., Real Estate Agent

Wonderful and high-quality content. Thank you so much!

G., Entrepreneur

I was very impressed with your enthusiasm and quality of work.

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