How to Choose and Wear Your Blazers Based on Your Body Type

Although many institutions still have a well-defined dress code, the business environment has evolved in various ways. Some companies considerably changed rules that seemed carved in stone until not so long ago and a large number of professionals chose to start their own businesses and to work as external collaborators for their former employers. Others completely gave up the idea of a nine-to-five job and committed to relatively new activities, often working from home.

Are you wondering what all these changes have to do with personal image and style? In my opinion, there is a strong connection between the two aspects. I think in this new context, increasingly more people have the opportunity to express themselves every day through their own choices concerning clothing. Sometimes, this has a negative impact on the way a person is perceived in terms of their level of professionalism. But when this detail is not left to chance, it can improve communication with peers and clients.

Based on your job title and professional environment, you might have to consider a specific style. In the case of the traditional/formal one, you don’t have much of a choice. But if your daily professional activity and environment approve the business casual and casual styles, or you are a freelancer working in a field where creativity is a must, then you are free to wear clothes that talk about you every day.

Blazers are usually seen as boring pieces to be worn at work. No matter your job, there’s probably at least a black one in your wardrobe. Despite its versatility, in this post I am going to suggest you different types of blazers in unconventional colors.

I chose one blazer design for each body type and today I am sharing five professional outfits where black pieces were absolutely banned. Because professional attire can also be feminine and modern, colorful and able to emphasize your beauty.

  1. Inverted triangle body type

  2. Triangle body type

  3. Circle body type

  4. Rectangle body type

  5. Hourglass body type

1. Inverted triangle body type

If your shoulders are larger than your hips, choose a single-breasted or buttoned blazer.

Blazer: H&M | Floral print top: Anna Field  | Bootcut pants: BonPrix | Belt: Amazon | Long strap tote bag: Café Noir | Pumps: Lost Ink

2. Triangle body type

In case you are looking for balance in terms of proportions in the case of a silhouette with hips larger than shoulders, opt for a double-breasted or buttoned blazer with statement shoulders.

Double-breasted blazer: Balmain | Full skirt dress: Pinterest | Choker necklace: Amazon  | Peep toe pumps: Giuseppe Zanotti | Short handle shoulder bag: Furla

3. Circle body type

If your waist and chest are wider than the rest of your body, go for an oversized blazer.

Vertical stripes blazer: Kaffe | Pencil skirt: Pinko  | Silk top: La Perla |   Shopper bag: Pomikaki | Cone heel pointy toe pumps: Divine Follie | Rose gold necklace with pendant: Amazon

4. Rectangle body type

If your body lacks curves and your shoulders, waist and hips have approximately the same width, wear a peplum blazer.

Peplum blazer: Amazon  | Front pleat trousers: Amazon |  Close-fitting T-shirt: Amazon  | Hobo bag: Coccinelle | Mocassin slippers: Aldo

5. Hourglass body type

For an already balanced silhouette, choose a waist blazer.

Blazer: Amazon  | High waist pants: Amazon  | Silk shirt: Altea | Tote bag: Armani Exchange | Coral red sandals: Geox

How often do you wear blazers? Are they a personal style choice or a part of the dress code enforced by your employer?

I hope this post prompted you to add a touch of color to your work capsule wardrobe. Are you ready to give up your usual black blazer? I’d love to read your take on this in the comments below.

There are different types of suit jackets available in stores. In case you find it difficult to choose or simply want to spot the most flattering cut and color, I invite you to contact me.

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