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Smart Casual Summer Outfit

The feeling you get when you wear a great outfit is indescribable: an immediate boost in self-confidence makes you feel ready to conquer the world. You get it right every now and then but there are women who look and feel terrific all the time and you can't help but wonder how they do it. It could be an innate aesthetic sense but more often than not, they simply pay attention to a number of aspects every time they pull together an outfit. You can learn how to do that, too.

First of all, they surely know their body shape. Before selecting any garments and accessories, you need to understand your body shape and how you can make it look more similar to the one considered the ideal in our culture: the harmonious hourglass silhouette.

Design elements such as shapes, lines and textures can take you closer to achieving your style goals or, on the contrary, they can add to your frustration by making it difficult for you to come up with a flattering outfit for a specific occasion. When they all enhance your personal characteristics and, at the same time, harmonize with each other, you can be sure your outfit is successful. For instance, if your silhouette and facial characteristics mainly show straight lines, the best choices you can make in terms of clothing and accessories will repeat the same type of lines.

Take this smart casual summer outfit for example:

The main element of the outfit is the vest, while the tailored shorts act as a neutral or basic. The striped shirt is the accent and it is used to draw the attention towards the face. The two main accessories are the earrings and the white flat shoes. The white scarf is optional.

It looks best on a woman with a silhouette defined by straight lines since the lines used are mostly straight – the vertical stripes in the pattern on the shirt and on the Bermuda pants, the pockets and the seams of the vest, etc. The shapes are angular: the pointed toes of the flat shoes, the angular shape of the golden earrings.

In terms of color, it was built around a tetradic or square color scheme, so it mixes both warm and cool colors. The prints come in different sizes: solids are considered small prints, the stripes on the pant are more visible, while the stripes on the shirt are larger. The color white ties the outfit together, being repeated in at least three of the items. The style of all garments is smart casual, while the fabrics are all similar. The eye travels smoothly and is invited to rest on the more colorful shirt. The shiny golden earrings also draw the attention towards the face. Similar items:

As you can see, there are more aspects to consider when you create an outfit besides lines and shapes. I divided them in five different steps in a checklist I created for you so that you can easily follow them every time you need some guidance. You know what they say – good things take time – but with some clear guidelines and a lot of practice, you can get there. Just imagine how great you will feel wearing flattering clothes every day and having a wardrobe that allows you to effortlessly create new outfits by mixing versatile garments that emphasize your best personal traits, while having fun practicing and improving your style skills.

Open this link to view your Six Steps to a Complete Look Checklist and Investment Dressing Purchasing Criteria Checklist. This post contains affiliate links. That means that, in case you purchase a product after clicking one of the links on this page, I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

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