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What I Packed for a Twelve-Day Trip Around Europe

Has it ever happened to you to share some random idea with someone without thinking that it could actually come true? A few months ago, I told my husband I wanted to spend a weekend in Prague for my birthday while I was perfectly aware that he hates travelling by plane.  

The surprise came when he suggested we traveled to Prague by train. And stopped on our way. More than once.

I accepted the challenge. We purchased train tickets and booked hotel rooms in five cities (Verona, Munich, Prague, Regensburg and Innsbruck) in four different countries in Europe (Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria) for almost two weeks in September – we looked for the best route in terms of distance and nice places worth visiting.

It wasn’t as easy as it might sound, but it surely was fun. We also got tickets for a concert in Verona, where we were planning to stop for one night before taking the train to Munich.  

Days passed by and there we were: packing time. For a twelve-day trip. In different European countries with slightly different climates. In September, during the transition period from summer to fall, when the weather is more whimsical than during any other time of the year. 

What would you pack in that situation?

I bet on layering and built the entire travel capsule wardrobe around this idea. Consequently, I started by choosing some all-seasons garments in neutral colours, to which I added three jackets and a handful of accent colors.  

In the table below, I am sharing the clothes and accessories I wore during the holiday and the ways I mixed and matched them in different outfits. I think it speaks for itself but in case you doubt it: yes, there are two jackets layered in the same outfit! 🙂  

Below the table, you can also find similar products available online.

Neutral colours: black, white, silver, grey, beige, gold, taupe 

Accent colours: blue, dusty pink, sage green, raspberry

What do you think of this laid-back travel capsule? Is there anything you wouldn’t wear on a holiday? Can you think of something else to add?

Are you planning a holiday or a business trip? Get in touch and let’s start planning the packing strategy!

I can help you draw a list of items to pack and pull together outfits with the clothes you already own. I can also help you spot and purchase any necessary clothes, accessories and makeup or skincare products you might need to put in your suitcase or choose the items worth shopping for once you get to your destination, such as traditional local products or common goods at lower prices. 

So, where are you going next?

This post contains affiliate links. That means that, in case you purchase a product after clicking one of the links on this page, I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

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