The Makeup Upgrade is a styling coaching service package that includes:


• Face shape analysis (1 hour)

This session will help you understand your facial shape, learn how to select the most flattering accessories and beauty products and how to flawlessly apply makeup.​


• Colour analysis (2 hours)

Being able to choose the colours that harmonize or blend with your personal colouring is key when it comes to makeup and this service will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and tools to feel confident while playing with colours. Discover your inherent colours and add flattering ones to your personal makeup kit. You will receive advice on skin, eye and lip makeup and tips on how to differentiate cool colours from warm colours.​​


• Self makeup consultation (1 hour)

Experience a guided self makeup application session and learn about steps, tools and techniques to get a professional finish evey day. You will also have the opportunity to discuss flattering makeup trends to adopt and adapt to your own needs.

Makeup Upgrade

€320.00 Regular Price
€160.00Sale Price

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